Seattle, Boston will be LTE Trials for Verizon

We are glad someone listened to the Verizon earnings call Monday, if only to find out that Seattle and Boston would be the two places where Verizon will conduct trials of its planned Long Term Evolution (LTE) services later this year. Interesting to see the hype level on proposed LTE speeds has also died down; we’ll have to listen to the call replay to see if it is Verizon saying that LTE is expected to “provide average data speeds between 8-12 Mbps” as this article quotes.

Of course, Sidecut Reports readers aren’t surprised by those numbers! Since Clearwire has announced plans to bring its mobile WiMAX services to its hometown of Seattle before the end of year, could coffeetown offer the first real head-to-head LTE/WiMAX competition?

UPDATE: Stacey H at GigaOM has a great rundown of Verizon’s moving-target proclamations on LTE delivery dates. Can’t wait to see how much jumping around happens when they start talking pricing, devices and speeds!

On the 3G side of things, it’s great to see that Verizon and AT&T are doing meaningful things that will help improve their networks for their customers. Or at the very least, they are keeping those lawyers gainfully employed.

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