Clearwire Vegas Photo Album, Part 1

Some candid shots of WiMax geekery taken on the eve of the “official” Clearwire launch in Las Vegas, where the company has been selling WiMax services since June. First, a look at the “Clear” retail store on Eastern Blvd., just east of the Vegas airport and out front of a Lowe’s store: location, location, location!

It was near closin’ time, but we took a peek inside and promised to come back Tuesday to take a closer look at the Clear Spot router, the USB cards and the wide range of laptops in the showroom. And maybe hit Sbarro for some pizza, and Starbucks for coffee as they are right next door.

Ooh! Fun with WiMax light show!

AT&T (we think) shows how to overspend on a cellular antenna installation: Look at that palm tree, Marge! It don’t look real to me!

The fake-palm effect, of course, is ruined by the new Clearwire antenna about 10 feet away:

More on Tuesday, when WiMax turns Las Vegas upside down!

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