Andy Sez: Call Them Mobile Routers ‘PocketSpots’

The master of mobile disaster speaks, and we listen: Wondering what to call the new class of cool portable routers that provide mobile Wi-Fi hotspots … in your pocket? Andy Abramson, who probably already owns all types manufactured so far (except the WiMax-powered Clear Spot) has dubbed them…

Expect a Kleiner Perkins PocketSpot fund to arrive shortly.

2 Responses to “Andy Sez: Call Them Mobile Routers ‘PocketSpots’”

  1. Andy Abramson Says:


    The ClearSpot looks like a USB dongle connected to a Cradlepoint….not exactly a PocketSpot, more like TravelSpot.

  2. Paul Says:

    Indeed. Clearwire and Cradlepoint, I think, have promised an integrated version… Scott Richardson (Clearwire strategy guy) sez such a device is coming. When? Answer hazy, try again later.

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