‘Clear Spot’ Coming from Clearwire — Today!

Our sources tell us that Clearwire’s highly anticipated portable WiMax/Wi-Fi modem — which we told you about first back in January — will become street legal perhaps as soon as today, and will be called the “Clear Spot.”

Catchy! More if and when we hear official news especially on pricing and availability. In Vegas right now kicking the tires on the Sprint Hybrid 3G/4G card — it can see the WiMax network, but it won’t connect… sounds like a country song, no?

More later! Welcome to CTIA!

UPDATE: It’s official — here is the Clearwire press release.

Availability: “Early April.” (editor’s note: TOMORROW is “early” April)
Price: $139 (PLUS you need a USB WiMax modem — another $49)
Works in: Portland, Ore. … For Now!

UPDATE 2: The gizmodo guys did an extensive test run — good read and pictures.

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