Motorola Mobile LTE Demos Coming at CTIA

Next week at CTIA in Las Vegas Motorola is going to push the envelope a bit on Long Term Evolution (LTE) with some planned mobile, drive-testing demos that it now feels confident enough about to start scheduling with wireless followers like us.

When it comes to LTE vs. WiMax chatter Moto is a bit like Krupp the arms merchant — it will sell gear to both sides in either flavor, as long as someone’s got a hefty checkbook that is open to wireless spending. And if you’ve got questions about LTE Motorola has lots of answers, embedded in various fashions in a well-rounded LTE microsite that is just one jump away from another one of the company’s puzzling pages with a nondescript and somewhat creepy human android lurking in the design for no apparent reason.

Web site design comments aside — one chart that sorta jumped out at me during some LTE wandering was the one below (taken from the Moto site) that does a bit of graphing of expected LTE performance. The numbers to look at, if you are wondering about how fast Verizon’s planned LTE offerings might be, are the bubbles with 1.9 and 7.85 — as in Mbps for download speeds — since those areas correspond to the spectrum slices Verizon is likely to first deploy LTE in, chunks of 1.25 MHz and 5 MHz out of its 700 MHz holdings.

If Verizon and other LTE providers can really deliver sustained 7.85 Mbps on the download, LTE might be worth a look when it comes out late/later/LTEr next year. Of course there are still unanswered questions about when devices might arrive, device performance, and what the service contracts will look like — this is just a guess but we think the vendors will probably skip the Motorola LTE tech demonstration that shows how LTE allows for much faster P2P sharing.

Still, the demo should be just one fun activity at a show that is shaping up to be the new superstar of the communications gathering selection, now that not-so-Supercomm got shoved into a near-Halloween launch date.

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