Skype and WiMax: Time for an SMB Hookup?

Since we’re knee-deep in new report creation mode here at Sidecut central, this post isn’t going to be too long. But some news nuggets from different parts of the communications world got me to thinking… is it time for Skype and WiMax to do the peanut butter-n-chocolate thing?

One on hand, you’ve got Clearwire experimenting with VoIP handsets in Portland, Ore., the town that may yet go down as the Capital of WiMax before this is all over. On the other you’ve got Skype (and Asterisk) talking about making it easier to interact with SIP and by extension, small business phone systems.

Now throw in some Skype mobile handsets and what do we have?

Probably not anything the Clearwire folks want too badly, since they are counting on VoIP subscriptions to increase ARPU. But… imagine how interesting a WiMax service pitch would be if you got a free Skype phone as part of the signup deal. If anyone wants to continue this conversation over drinks in Vegas, I’m buying…

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