Clearwire: Chicago, Atlanta, Vegas, Seattle, Charlotte and others in 2009; NY, SF, DC and Houston in 2010

The news release is out and it looks like Clearwire is going to be aggressive in 2009 with eight more launches: Chicago, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Dallas/Fort Worth as new markets, and upgrades to existing services in Seattle, Charlotte, and Honolulu. Then in 2010, adding New York (as we predicted), Boston and San Francisco, among others including Washington D.C.

UPDATE FROM CALL: Atlanta and Vegas will be first to launch, in “summer.” Chicago, D/FW, Philly later in the year.

MORE UPDATES: On the money — Clearwire says it has enough cash to last until 2011, with plans to spend between $1.5 billion and $1.9 billion in 2009.

MORE ON THE MONEY — CEO Ben Wolff says the company sees government stimulus funds as an opportunity for Clearwire to get build-out captial, but that “the plans revealed today do not rely on any government money.”

Clearwire also confirms it will offer a dual-mode modem like Sprint’s, as well as the (yea!) personal hotspot router we told you about first.

More after the call, which starts at 1:30 pm Pacific.

Updates: Some numbers from the release: New subscriber additions for (guessing mainly Baltimore) for October, November and December… only 5,000 users. That’s going to need some explaining. UPDATE: The 5,000 number is across ALL Clearwire markets, meaning that Baltimore is almost certainly less than 5,000 total. Clearwire says it doesn’t break out numbers by market.

UPDATE 3, 3/6: UPON FURTHER REVIEW: The Clearwire folks CONFIRMED today that the 5,000 new subs reported for Q4 DOES include subscription numbers for Baltimore. It’s extremely low, but that also reflects the almost complete lack of marketing since the “Xohm” operations were combined with Clearwire in November.

Explanation from call:
Clearwire said that Sprint pulled back on marketing, and that the Baltimore network wasn’t really built out to the depth Clearwire would like. The company is going to re-launch Baltimore later this year after it builds out the network, and at that point the Xohm name will be retired. We hope. :-)

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