WiMax Focus: What Clearwire Needs in 2009

If you are looking for more in-depth analysis and reporting on what 2009 holds for the new Clearwire Corp. (NASDAQ: CLWR) and its nationwide WiMax network plans, you need to sign up for our WiMax Focus research service, where a deep look at Clearwire’s 2009 outlook is front and center as our first monthly report.

Sorry for the sales-y tone of this post, but there’s no other way to tell you what you are missing by not subscribing. For less than the cost of a few lattes a week, you could be overcaffeinated on the latest and greatest WiMax info, starting with our January report (which has actually been available to subscribers for three weeks now).

In this month’s report, we offer readers:
– a full breakdown of the 2008 Clearwire/Sprint merger closing
– analysis of some of Clearwire’s early marketing stumbles
– predictions on what markets it needs to launch next, and how soon
– thoughts on WiMax device availability and how that affects Clearwire’s chances

We also offer a long Q&A with Clearwire chief strategy officer Scott Richardson and Intel WiMax marketing director Julie Coppernoll, and a by-the-numbers breakdown of the big markets (like New York and Los Angeles) that Clearwire is already setting its sights on. In short, if Clearwire’s plans matter to you as a consumer, partner or potential competitor, subscribing to our service will give you an informational lead as 2009 gets underway.

Just to make the deal sweeter, if you subscribe to the WiMax Focus service right now we’re offering a free copy of our WiMax Market Report, which was recently updated in January 2009 with all the Clearwire merger info as well as analysis of the investor write-downs and what it all means for the U.S. WiMax market. That’s a $299.95 value on top of the already reasonably priced subscription service. And for those not ready to commit to a full year’s cost, we also offer a three-month trial subscription for $300.

Even in a down economy, the WiMax market isn’t going to wait and neither should you. Subscribe now, and keep yourself at the front of the informed pack.

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