Clearwire Portland Photo Album

If you’re ready to WiMax out a bit, please join us on a photo tour from our geek tour of some of Clearwire’s Portland, Ore., tower sites — some visual info that may help you understand why WiMax has a cost-of-deployment advantage over other wireless technologies.

Or, you may just like looking at towers, boxes and fiber. Either way, on to the tour:

Here’s a shot of an entire Clearwire tower equipment box — small enough to mount on a telephone pole.

Here’s the top of the same pole, with the microwave backhaul antennas (round ones) and some WiMax antennas (rectangular, below the microwave).

A big antenna tower, with both WiMax and cellular antennas.

The Clearwire equipment cabinet for the pictured tower, all in the small metal box that is dwarfed by the huge building that houses all the equipment for the cellular operator.

Cracking open the box — Motorola antenna gear here.

A Ciena switch. That’s all for now!

(all photos by Paul Kapustka, (c) Sidecut Reports 2009)

9 Responses to “Clearwire Portland Photo Album”

  1. Brian Converse Says:

    Great pics! Are they getting good penetration at utility pole height. We have been looking at Wimax to backhaul our wifi cloud by injecting broadband around the mesh as we expand out,

  2. Paul Says:

    Hi Brian, not sure what their specs are but I did see some more utility-pole mounts in the Portland area… might be for filler in between the bigger tower placements. This particular utility pole was at the top of a hill, so maybe that helped as well.

  3. Barry Zinn Says:

    When is ‘CLEAR’ coming to Chicago? 2009 deployment schedule?? We are waiting…………..

  4. Paul Says:

    @Barry, no word from Clearwire yet… supposed to announce their rollout schedule soon, so stay tuned.

  5. Says:

    Chicago will be Launching in August! That is the target month!

  6. Paul Says:

    @superclearchoice the last I heard from the company is that Chicago is a “Q4″ market. But I am all for August, that means WiMax for 4G world in September…

  7. Kiamichi Says:

    RCR Wireless newsletter just published an article on Clearwire today. Has a few market projections there.

  8. Paul Says:

    Kiamichi, are they projections on how long RCR is planning to stay in business? :-)

  9. Robert D Lincoln Says:

    I do not wish to have Clearwater cell tower installations in our Eastmoreland neighborhood in Portland, OR.

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