Friday’s Wireless Headlines

News of note around the ol’ Internets:

Senate Ready for DTV Delay: Sen. Rockefeller says it’s a disgrace that the DTV transition needs to be delayed. Vote is next week?

WiMax Forum Wants to Make Roaming Easier: The industry group launches a plan to help providers, device manufacturers and others synchronize WiMax services for easier roaming.

Sprint Dials Up a $2B Public Safety Plan: The good folks at Sprint have an idea about how to spend some of that stimulus cash, to build a network for public safety personnel.

Wireless Providers Want Cash, Not Conditions: Meanwhile, the big cellular telco lobbying organization, CTIA, says stimulus cash is great, but please hold the “open network” conditions, thanks.

VoIP a Winner over 4G: A study says that Voice over IP will be a big winner on 4G networks. (We agree, and plan to cover the topic in our WiMax Focus research service later this year.)

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