Clearwire Video Fun

Some video fun following up from Tuesday’s Clear launch in Portland, Ore. For starters, watch as Clearwire’s Barry Davis demonstrates the mobile WiMax/Wi-Fi router we talked about earlier (video courtesy of Clearwire):

And then for more fun, the “Sprinkles” ad created by Clearwire for its Portland launch (so far the best one I’ve seen, though they hinted there was another one in the works that uses Portland’s affinity for microbrews as a subject so am holding the final award until we see the beery ads…) (video grabbed from YouTube)

Then of course our own WiMax drive-by on the still-not-yet-launched WiMax network in Chicago (video by Paul Kapustka, (c) sidecut reports):

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  1. laura Says:

    it’s comfortless going around with that huge air cards, but i want to try the speed conncetion,

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