WiMax Wednesday Headlines

Lots going on in the WiMax world today… here are some headlines to help you catch up:

Good Report from the Clearwire Launch: Dailywireless was all over the event, with good descriptions of the demos and sharp photos (see if you can find Yankee Group’s Berge Ayvazian).

Intel Investment in CLWR Goes South:
We knew there was bound to be some economic fallout from the fact that the big investment in Clearwire was done at a valuation much much higher than where the stock is now. Stacey at GigaOM tells why the chip vendor and WiMax sugar daddy took a $1 billion write-down today.

No More Nokia WiMax Tablet? So says this report from Mobileburn, but no official word yet from Nokia (we’ve got some emails out, will update if/when we hear back).

More Complaints about AT&T 3G: Not really WiMax news and not from today but a story worth following for those of us who wonder how AT&T is fitting all those iPhone users into its spectrum.

Clearwire CEO Ben Wolff at the Portland launch (photo by Paul Kapustka)

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