Confused About Net Neutrality? Order Our Report!

If you are as confused about network neutrality as the Wall Street Journal, there is an easy way to get up to speed on the issue: Order yourself our recent report, titled Net Neutrality Phase II: The Battle of 2009, where we examine all the technical and political parts of the debate, and how proponents and their opponents will position themselves for the expected tussles of 2009.

Is this a sales pitch? You bet. But selling reports is how we keep this editorial operation going, independent of influence from any vendor or lobbying group. Show your support for deep, analytical reporting on complex issues while also educating yourself — it’s a gift that gives both ways!

More sales stuff after the jump.

In the new report you will learn:

– Why the FCC’s recent Comcast order isn’t much more than a starting point for the “next phase” of the net neutrality debate

– Why some close observers put the odds of Congress passing some kind of net neutrality legislation “better than even” in 2009, especially now that Barack Obama has won the Presidential election

– What the big telcos, AT&T and Verizon, are planning to do and say to prevent passage of any new net neutrality legislation

– How Google and consumer groups Free Press and Public Knowledge are teaming up to educate the public and regulators on why they think there is a need for baseline net neutrality rules

– How any and all outcomes might affect the investment outlook for companies from startups to large service providers

– Why the debate is getting less rhetorical and moving toward more collaboration between opposing sides

The report also contains a network neutrality historical timeline, as well as Sidecut Reports’ (now new and improved) ranking of the “top ten” individuals influencing the network neutrality debate.

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