Clearwire Taking Orders in Portland?

So says the reliable Glenn Fleishman at Wi-Fi Networking News. As Glenn notes, it’s no secret that Clearwire’s mobile WiMax network in Oregon has been operational for some time now. The difference now is that there is apparently a page that lets you start the ordering process.

While Clearwire had previously hoped to get its Portland network running before the end of the year, a “commercial” launch with all the trimmings will wait until 2009. But we have also heard that the network will start signing up customers before year’s end, so maybe this page is the start of that process.

Meanwhile, Mari Sibley over at Motorola blogland has some links to folks who are enjoying pre-launch WiMax in Washington, D.C. … more WiMax Wardriving! Still waiting for my 3G/4G card from Sprint so I can do some test-driving myself…

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