Crawford, Werbach to Lead Obama FCC Transition Team

Just saw that Susan Crawford and Kevin Werbach have been named to the Obama FCC “transition team,” a great thing and kudos to both Susan and Kevin, two of the bigger brains out there when it comes to matters telecom.

According to this story that means that Susan and Kevin will “lead the Obama FCC transition team with the responsibility of advising the incoming administration on policy, budget and personnel matters.” Now maybe we know why Susan was suspending her blog for a bit. Hah, good reason!

Can’t wait to see the team that gets assembled…

UPDATE: John Furrier also likes the news. As John says:

Meet the new guard - Kevin Werbach and Susan Crawford. Both are industry experts in the area of policy, technology, and innovation. More importantly they both have a global view. Both Kevin and Susan have long been proponents of ‘broadband everywhere’ and the impact to innovation and global leadership.

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