FCC: Clearwire Merger Good to Go?

Looks like the FCC is ready to rubber-stamp its OK on the Clearwire-Sprint merger, possibly as early as during its Nov. 4 meeting. According to a reasearch note today from our friends at Stifel, Nicolaus, they don’t expect the commissioners to put any “additional material conditions” on the merger approval, so it looks like the expected December closing of the big WiMax deal is still on as scheduled.

UPDATE: Clearwire just sent out a letter to its shareholders, notifying them of a Nov. 20 vote on the merger.

(Guess that AT&T sort-of complaint didn’t amount to much.)

What this means for WiMax and the merger is that Sprint and Clearwire can start combining operations in the fashion they have been expecting. (Plus, then they can finally tap into that $3.2 billion in investment cash from Google, Comcast, Intel and others.) One question still unanswered is whether or not the Xohm name will survive to live on inside the New Clearwire (or if “new Clearwire” will even be the company’s new name). Perhaps it’s time to set up some betting lines… let’s start Xohm off as a 20-1 longshot to see 2009.

Wagers accepted in the comments!

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