Scoble: Why Tech Blogging Has Failed

Interesting post today from Robert Scoble, who rambles on with a bunch of reasons why he thinks tech blogging has failed, claiming he’s guilty as charged on some of his “fail” points.

While I think that tech bloggers in specific areas are still providing the best coverage, Scoble is right on when he says the mainstream or A-list of tech bloggers spend too much time chasing their own tails or the obvious headline of the day. Partly I think this is due to the overwhelming business-case need to get viewer traffic, to satisfy advertiser page-view needs. As I said before, that’s a game Sidecut Reports doesn’t want to play, and why instead we are charging money for our reports.

Given that tech blogging is also having problems lately with disclosure and ethics, I think there need to be new models to help separate what’s worthy from the rest. Let’s see if Sidecut Reports is one that works.

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