Back, Blogging, Slowly

As I slowly catch up with email and messages, let me apologize for not noting ahead of time that Sidecut Reports was going to be MIA last week. Though I am now able to sit upright at the keyboard, there will probably be slow going for the next week or so as I continue to recover from some long-planned back surgery that took place last Monday.

For the scientists out there, the procedure I had done was a Posterior Lumbar Spinal Fusion — in simpler terms, I now have some sweet titanium screws and frames in my lower back to correct a congenital condition that was pinching nerves in my legs, making it difficult to stand or walk for long without pain. (Anyone who saw me hobbling down the jetway-landing strip hallways of NXTComm in Vegas last month could clearly see there was a problem that needed fixing.)

As we slowly ramp back up to speed here you can always order our WiMax report to get yourself up to speed on the expected impact of the “new” Clearwire deal and what its chances are for success.

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  1. Jim Says:

    I am considering PLIF. How is the recovery going???


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