Battle of the Blogs for Cable, Verizon

Maybe it’s a tussle that only telecom policy wonks could love, but if you are at all involved in the regulatory sphere you’ve just got to love that the battle of the corporate titans has now moved, Web 2.0 style, into the blogosphere, with Verizon and the Cable companies now using blogs to take pokes at each other.

The issue at stake is a complaint filed by some cablecos, who argued that Verizon’s practice of calling departing customers with last-ditch offers was inappropriate use of private data. Putting aside the whole kettle-calling-the-pot-black part of this argument, it’s neat to see that Verizon’s top policy dawg Tom Tauke used Verizon’s blog to criticize the pending decision. Who knew former Congressmen could learn WordPress or something similar?

Not to be outdone, Kyle McSlarrow, the leader of the cable lobbying association, takes a swing back at Tauke on the NCTA’s own blog, showing good blogging practices by linking back to Tauke — who then responded with a comment on the cable blog!

If you are really interested in the argument, follow the links and join the conversation. We are going to spend the rest of the day worrying whether or not direct competitor blogging means that pundits are out of a job — again!

UPDATE: Cynthia Brumfield at the wonderful IP Democracy site has more details.

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