Taking a Deeper Look at the Clearwire WiMax Deal

Sidecut Reports is pleased to announce the new, updated version of our WiMax report, which includes a comprehensive study of the “new” Clearwire WiMax deal and its $3.2 billion of investment from a group that includes Google, Comcast, Intel and Time Warner Cable.

Motivations behind the investments and the combination of WiMax assets from Sprint Nextel and Clearwire Corp. to form the “new” Clearwire are explored and explained in the revised edition of Sidecut’s previous in-depth look at the U.S. WiMax market, a report that all but predicted the inevitability of the deal announced May 7, 2008. In the new report readers will learn:

– The new opportunities and challenges for Clearwire’s national focus, which is a departure from previous plans

– The motivations for Google’s $500 million investment, which go beyond business goals for search and mobility to include public-policy goals

– Why the big telcos, AT&T and Verizon, may not see WiMax as a prime competitor (even as they step up marketing and lobbying efforts to make life harder for WiMax)

– Why cable providers like Comcast may be looking to WiMax to expand their user footprint beyond its current regulatory limits

The report also contains a WiMax technical and historical backgrounder, as well as an updated look at the WiMax business opportunities for enterprises, investors and entrepreneurs in markets including mobile Internet businesses, software development, and mobile device manufacturing. Titled “Game On, WiMax! Why the “new” Clearwire gives WiMax its best chance at success in the U.S. marketplace,” the new report is available for immediate download from our website.

Sidecut Reports, a new independent editorial research firm, all but predicted the blockbuster WiMax investment announcement in our original report, which came out a week before the historic agreement.

“Perhaps the new investors came to the same conclusions we did at the end of our initial report,” said Paul Kapustka, founder and editor of Sidecut Reports. “While there are significant challenges for starting any new network, the already-working nature of WiMax combined with the breadth of spectral and infrastructure assets of Sprint and Clearwire made investing in such a joint venture something close to an even-money bet.”

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