Andy Sees WiMax in Apple’s 4G Future

Some of the same thoughts had been forming in my head lately, but pal Andy Abramson puts it all out in makes-sense order, seeing a WiMax-enabled offering from Apple in the near future, perhaps as soon as next month’s Apple developers’ conference.

Seeing rumors floating around about an Apple tablet also makes me think of WiMax, since such a device would be perfect for a Kindle-like iTunes experience — bundling in the cost of connectivity would appeal to the simplicity of Apple consumer gear, and such contracts were talked about repeatedly in research we did for our initial WiMax report. All of this is guessing, but wouldn’t it make sense to use the higher speeds of WiMax to power an instant-on iTunes video experience?

Two factors (one which Andy mentions also) seem to point to more WiMax inside Apple: The increasingly close relationship between Apple and Intel, the latter of which wants to push WiMax everywhere and is talking loudly about “mobile Internet devices,” of which there is really only one right now — the Apple iPhone. Second is the Google connection, as in Google CEO Eric Schmidt, who sits on Apple’s board. Since his company just poured a half-billion into the Clearwire WiMax deal, Schmidt would no doubt be in favor of getting Apple to help popularize the technology.

If you want more background on why WiMax makes sense for mobile platforms, order our inaugural WiMax report, which covers all the technology basics. We are in the process of adding our analysis of the recent Clearwire deal, and promise to ship the revised version before Apple’s conference starts. :-)
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