Why We Don’t Trust Ads, The Ongoing Saga

When I wrote that Sidecut Reports was launched to save tech journalism, I was only partly kidding. Reading this post from Doc Searls makes me think I have allies in the argument that says the hunt for revenue via online ads and more click-throughs is a race to zero.

That’s why we are using a subscription model, because for our goal of delivering long-form content in a highly specialized subject area (like our inaugural WiMax report), it seems to make the most sense and holds the promise of actually making it into a business by doing better reporting, not just more more more about the same stuff everyone else is following.

Interesting to see that Herb Greenberg, a pioneer in online business media, is also getting out of the publishing business and moving toward a research model. Saying Herb and I are doing the same thing, of course, is like saying that between me and Barry Bonds, we have 762 home runs. But it is one more voice on this side of the conversation.

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