No WiMax News from Sprint… Yet

LAS VEGAS — Just got out of the Dan Hesse keynote here at CTIA, and all Sprint would say about its Xohm WiMax network is that it is “coming soon.” No comments on last week’s rumors of an investment from Comcast, and no Q&A with Hesse, who was whisked into a meeting room directly after his talk.

Sources here on the floor at the Las Vegas Convention Center still think some kind of deal is in the works, however. According to one source, Clearwire exec Gerry Salemme was doing the conference-room dance, so maybe we’ll hear something that isn’t a joke.

More later, including a look at the Nokia WiMax tablet.

2 Responses to “No WiMax News from Sprint… Yet”

  1. Nick Ruark Says:

    Hesse has more important matters to contend with than Xohm/WiMax - his immediate attention should be dealing with the Nextel/iDEN integration fiasco as well as the Nextel 800 MHz rebanding debacle; when he cleans them up, perhaps he can begin the much needed revamping of the company’s core services as a whole. It’s a crap-shoot as to just how much the buildout of Xohm or WiMax will help pull Sprint/Nextel out of the deep hole they’ve dug for themselves anyway. He needs to stay as focused as possible on the first three items before he does much of anything else.

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