Does WiMax Really Need Sprint-Clearwire Marriage?

Proponents of WiMax are no doubt heartened by today’s report from the Wall Street Journal which says that Sprint Nextel and Clearwire may be trying to find new financing to revive their proposed WiMax joint venture. While such an effort would no doubt be a positive for the nascent wireless technology (especially if Google and Best Buy chip in as the story says they might), one interesting point that’s come out of some recent interviews we’ve conducted says that no matter what happens with Sprint and WiMax, WiMax is poised for a breakout year in terms of U.S. and global deployments.

If you’ve been following our stories so far this year, it shouldn’t be a surprise that our inaugural “Sidecut Report” will be about WiMax, specifically targeting deployments, opportunities and market projections for U.S.-based providers. Right now our target “ship date” for the WiMax report is mid-February, assuming all interviews are completed as scheduled. Updates on availability, pricing and ordering procedures will be posted on this blog, but if you’d like an email alert just send us a message to and we will let you know when it’s ready.

So if the Clearwire-Sprint marriage gets back together, it’s clearly great for WiMax, but as we are hearing from other players, it’s not a make-or-break deal either. Stay tuned for more from our WiMax “Big Report,” coming soon!

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  1. Paul Kapustka Says:

    During an analyst meeting today Clearwire execs said they are working with Sprint to ensure that their network infrastructures are similar so that user roaming is possible… though they wouldn’t comment specifically on the WSJ story, it sounds like the companies are still BFFs even without a formal agreement…

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