About Sidecut Reports

The long-term goal of SIDECUT REPORTS is to provide an online home for long-form analysis of topics at the intersection of Telecommunications, the Internet and Public Policy. Stay tuned to the Sidecut Blog for ongoing analysis and more information as we build the site out.

3 Responses to “About Sidecut Reports”

  1. Mari Silbey Says:

    Thrilled to hear it. Looking forward to your content.

  2. Matt Says:

    Hey Paul! I just wanted to let you know that enjoyed your Drive-By WiMAX at CES article. 427 kb/s download? That’s a bit disappointing. Hopefully that gets bumped up quite a bit, otherwise, its going to be difficult to compete with Verizon. However, I’d be thrilled with those speeds if it’s priced reasonably, but I’m sure they’d never do that. :)

  3. Back to Work! (thanks Andy) « Sidecut Reports Says:

    […] you’ve poked around here a bit you are probably getting the idea that Sidecut Reports will eventually be something more than blog […]

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