Friday’s Wireless Headlines

Headlines without wires! Catching up on some good stories from the past week, and glad we use cable service and not AT&T-backed fiber here in northern Silicon Valley:

McCaw: WiMax key to cable’s future: Clearwire’s co-chairman and wireless uber-dude tells the Cable Show attendees why WiMax is the shizz.

Samsung Intros WiMax MID at CTIA: We had a phone-camera photo of this one — but here are some more details on why Samsung sees the need for devices, devices, devices.

Qualcomm May Slow LTE: Will chip issues keep Verizon from having anything other than laptop dongles when it tries to launch LTE later this year?

Clearwire, Intel, Google, Cisco to build Silicon Valley test network: Finally, some 4G wireless for Silicon Valley! Now we have a new place to test our loaner dongle from Sprint.

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