Goodbye Xohm, Hello ‘Clear’

The conference call with the newly merged Clearwire is just about to start, but a press release with some details has already crossed the wires… with the news that the “Xohm” brand name for Sprint’s WiMax services is on the way out.

From the release:

The company also announced today that, while its company name will remain Clearwire, its new mobile WiMAX services will be branded Clear(TM). The Clear (TM) brand will apply to all new mobile WiMAX services to be offered by Clearwire in the U.S. and will be phased in to those markets where Clearwire offers pre-WiMAX services, as these existing markets are upgraded to mobile WiMAX technology.

In the coming months, the Clear brand will replace the XOHM service name previously used by Sprint Nextel in the Baltimore, Md. market. Clearwire expects current XOHM customers will not experience any impact as a result of the transaction, and they will continue to enjoy the current benefits of various notebook computing, portable multimedia and Internet devices, service plans and features.

In addition, the company unveiled a new marketing tagline, “Let’s Be Clear,” that will be used in conjunction with the new Clear service brand in upcoming market launches. The new marketing efforts will clearly communicate the service’s unprecedented combination of speed, mobility and simplicity.

Call is starting now. More later!

2 Responses to “Goodbye Xohm, Hello ‘Clear’”

  1. wimaxed Says:

    I’m glad they found a better name like “Clear”. It took me a while to get used to “XOHM”.

  2. alphie Says:

    i thought the name xohm was positively exciting and created a sense of knowledge and change

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