FCC Approves Clearwire-Sprint Merger, 5-0

In the first unanimous result of election day, the FCC has apparently approved the pending Clearwire-Sprint WiMax merger, meaning the only obstacles left are the shareholder votes, which are already scheduled for later this month.

More info as press releases become available, plus perhaps some thoughts on the FCC’s approval of unlicensed use of the so-called “white spaces” for broadband access. For some good deep analysis of white spaces, see Drew Clark’s coverage.

UPDATE: Google co-founder Larry Page weighs in on the white spaces vote, which Google had promoted.

UPDATE 2: More good analysis from Stacey H over at GigaOM, including details on the Verizon-Alltel merger, which was also approved by the commission.

UPDATE 3: Seems like investors approve, too, as both Sprint and Clearwire stock prices go up.

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  1. wimaxed Says:

    Great to hear FCC approved the deal. Clearwire and Sprint have been working on this for some time and at some point in time they dropped the deal but I’m glad to hear WiMAX will finally go nation wide.


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