WiMax World: Xohm WiMax Test Drive

It’s really too bad that the Sprint folks couldn’t do a big launch of their Xohm WiMax network here in Chicago during this week’s WiMax World show, because it truly does deliver some impressive performance (at least as far as we could see in a limited test). Riding in Clearwire’s tricked-out WiMaxMobile, we were accessing the Sprint Chicago Xohm network, which is set to launch imminently, according to Sprint senior VP Atish Gude.

It will probably be next week before we get around to posting some video highlights of our WiMax test drive, but during our short trip around the southern part of Chicago we watched live video on Hulu.com, made a Skype call to a pizza parlor (I was a little disappointed when my Clearwire hosts didn’t actually order a pie) and watched our position change dynamically on a Google Maps mashup application, among other fun things. It’s hard to be a WiMax doubter when you see performance like this in action:

Hey, it’s fast enough to do a lot of things, including ordering some excellent analytical research!

We’ll have more thoughts from our WiMax World interviews next week. In the meantime, check out our friend Mari Sibley’s video from the fine party the Motorola folks threw Tuesday night at the Museum of Science and Industry. (Tried to steal one of the WiMax PC cards from the event, but was caught by the Moto PR team. Bad Sidecut! Bad!)

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