No News on Sprint’s WiMax Plans… Yet

Anyone hoping to “get a little more color” on Sprint’s ultimate plans for its Xohm WiMax rollout was disappointed during the company’s earnings call Thursday morning, where Sprint CEO Dan Hesse said the company will “talk about WiMax plans at a later date.”

Alongside all the ugliness of the company’s most recent quarter, Hesse said that in terms of WiMax, “Sprint has an enormous asset in nearly 100 MHz of unused spectrum… and the opportunity for a 3-year headstart with the Xohm business.”

In regards to the Xohm “soft” launches of services in Chicago, Baltimore and Washington D.C., Hesse said “I am extremely encouraged with what I’ve seen. Our soft launches offer confidence in the performance of the technology.”

While confirming that Sprint and Clearwire have had ongoing conversations about potential WiMax collaboration, Hesse said that “no final agreements have been reached,” and that he would not comment specifically on any rumors in stories that have surfaced (presumably he means’s speculation that Intel will save Sprint’s WiMax bacon).

Sprint did, however, join the all-you-can-eat pricing wars with its own $99.99 monthly plan that also includes data and exclusive video content. Let’s see if that helps.

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